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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara- Old Vs New

Simpatico voice of the legendary Bhimsen Joshi, starts this song that depicts national integration and unity. Unlike synthesizers and auto tuners, this song has ‘taal’ of the tabla and musical instruments that are played by seasoned musicians. Original music and compositions are unexcelled. This stupendous and

heartfelt song that show patriotism and unity in diversity, remains in our memories for ever. Till date when you watch and listen to ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara,’ (older version), it still sounds newborn in your memories. No doubt the elaborate, digitized version of brand new ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.’ Can the newer version beat the rhythm created by Louis Banks and the lyrics by the ad guru- Piyush Pandey?

The newer version has a ‘Yo’ element with Sir Amitabh Bachchan trying to rap the same lyrics in his baritone voice. Now, now that ‘is’ something. The newer version has popular actors from all over India, mucisians, and choreographers. What is missing is, depiction of diversity. This video could have been more heart warming by adding people from Start-Ups, and Social workers( I wonder why Nana Patekar who has done the most selfless act of providing shelter and money to poor farmers is missing in this video); because that is the new India and it still retains its old values while accepting the new and novel.


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Peppy Numbers of Vishal Shekar Duo

The mellifluous songs of Jhankar Beats gave the duo their much deserved recognition in the 90’s. It looks like most of the urban music directors have started their music careers with rock and electronica band associations. The style of their numbers is zippy, nothing intense! They would prolly do best with happy numbers that might give ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, a run for monies on a Desi scene, that is, because the mango junta, would any day prefer a ‘lungi Dance,’ or the ultra massy song ‘baby ko bass pasand hai.’


This Sindhi lad, Vishal Dadhlani, from Mumbai and a grad from commerce background found his true calling in music, and we must say for all the right reasons. Their upcoming music for ‘Banjo’ needs a special mention. This is the kind of music of a true musical bollywood to look forward to, instead of Rock On 2. As usual, Rock On 2, to is paced well to disappoint.  ‘Rada’ and ‘Bappa Moriya’ Re are rapchik numbers with the right synchrony of guitar and bombastic composition. This is not your atypical run of the mill type of guitar style used in bollywood-garden-variety-definition of Rock.

‘Laboon pe’ of ‘Befikr’ is your retro meets the new wave bollywood style, creative, novel experiment on a romantic number. While most of the songs, oh so, popular, seem to have a formatted formula for success, the music of Vishal Shekar duo keeps getting interesting and  new with every movie.

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